RichTwins Unlimited

"Because those who are Rich in Relationships are the Richest of all"

About RichTwins Unlimited

RichTwins Unlimited was the first vision that Regine manifested over 5 years ago. Through the inspiration of being a twin and a passion for people, Regine’s mission was to bring people together through apparel. This line is not inclusive to just multiples but for all people in all types of different relationships. From couples to besties, from parents of multiples to parents of pets. We want everyone to feel and live their richest lives through the gifts of relationships.

Régine Theodore has over 10 years of design experience from high volume new build to facelifting with renovations. We are extremely passionate about creating beautiful spaces We know you’re busy, so we brought the traditional interior design experience online. Get design ideas sent straight to your inbox and collaborate with your designer over email or phone. Shop all the pieces directly from your design in one, easy checkout.